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Baseline Assessment of Guanica Bay, Puerto Rico in...

We completed a baseline assessment of the environmental conditions in Guanica Bay, Puerto Rico, to help coastal managers identify the most appropriate restoration projects, and their effectiveness, in support of ...
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Influence of Shoreline Changes on Chesapeake and D...

We are supporting a large-scale research project to predict how shoreline development interacts with other stresses to change coastal ecosystems and the species that live in them. Research findings apply ...
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Restoring Injured Seagrass Beds with New Methods f...

Vessel groundings in shallow waters can damage fragile seagrass habitats, sometimes permanently. We are conducting scientific studies to assess new intervention methods of sediment re-grading and nutrient fertilization to accelerate ...
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Living Shoreline Research featured in “Estua...

The journal Estuaries and Coasts highlighted several papers from the NCCOS project “Influence of Shoreline Changes on Chesapeake and Delmarva Bay Ecosystems” in a special virtual issue. Virtual Issues collect ...
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Habitat Focus Areas Highlighted at Coastal and Est...

Goldsborough Creek, Choptank River Complex Habitat Focus Area. Credit: NOAA. NOAA’s Habitat Focus Areas (HFAs) were highlighted at the 24th Biennial Conference of the Coastal and Estuarine Research Federation held ...
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Research Links Land Use, Shoreline Hardening, and ...

Recent NCCOS research provides solid evidence that reduced aquatic species abundance in the Northeast is linked with increased agricultural land use and hardened shorelines. Results from the study are published ...
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NCCOS Helps Local Community with Bat Population

Town of Oxford Public Works crew and the bat house they installed at the NCCOS Cooperative Oxford Laboratory in Oxford, Maryland. Credit: NOAA. A house heavily infested with bats near ...
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Maps, Tools & Applications

The NCCOS Geoportal is an online data explorer providing discovery and access to the full catalogue of NCCOS-funded scientific data, including archived data accessions, metadata records, and web services. To discover data, enter a word or phrase in the text box and click on “Search” to conduct a free text search; refine your search using additional options for content type, date, region, and spatial extent. Click on “Browse” to explore the catalogue using topical keywords. Launch the “Map Viewer” to visualise geospatial data (GIS layers) served via mapping web services.
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Egg Deposition by Atlantic Silverside, Menidia menidia: Substrate Utilization and Comparison of Natural and Altered Shoreline Type

Egg deposition by the intertidal spawning fish Atlantic silverside (Menidia menidia) was compared among six shoreline types (Spartina alterniflora, Phragmites australis, sandy beach, riprap, riprap-sill, and bulkhead) and various substrates. In spring 2010, M. menidia egg density was measured daily ...
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Coastal Change

Coastal ChangeVulnerability, Mitigation, and RestorationVulnerability and Risk AssessmentCoastal decision makers need to understand the risks and vulnerabilities facing their communities and ecosystems in order to help them become resilient. Coastal ...
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