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NOAA Funds Post–Hurricane Dorian Data Collection t...

Figure 1. A) Track of Hurricane Dorian, which made landfall just north of Cape Lookout National Seashore on September 6, 2019. B) USGS projections of the probability of overwash due ...

NCCOS Participates in Endangered North Atlantic Ri...

The endangered North Atlantic Right whale (Eubalaena glacialis). Credit: Georgia Department of Natural Resources and NOAA NMFS. Representatives from several federal agencies met last week to discuss how to reverse ...

Sensitivity of California Current Species to Ocean...

The waters along the west coast of North America are some of the most biologically productive in the world. Cool water from high latitudes flows southward from the edge of ...

Marine Shellfish Get a 'One-Two Punch' from Acidif...

Recent research has shown that ocean acidification and low oxygen interact to harm early life stages of bay scallops (Argopecten irradians) and hard clams (Mercenaria mercenaria). The study, conducted by ...


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NCCOS delivers ecosystem science solutions for stewardship of the nation’s ocean and coastal resources to sustain thriving coastal communities and economies.

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