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Research Links Land Use, Shoreline Hardening, and ...

Recent NCCOS research provides solid evidence that reduced aquatic species abundance in the Northeast is linked with increased agricultural land use and hardened shorelines. Results from the study are published ...

Study Offers Novel Approach for Estimating More Ac...

Marshes with a small difference between low and high tides (<2m) require adjusting aerial (lidar) derived elevation to account for vegetation height. NCCOS supported scientists from Oregon State University and ...

NCCOS Participates in Southeast Living Shorelines ...

The Governors' South Atlantic Alliance held the Southeast Living Shorelines Workshop at the National Centers for Coastal Ocean Science in Charleston on October 12-13, 2016. In an effort to expand ...

NCCOS Living Shorelines Research Attracts Internat...

A delegation from the Ecosystem Conservation Society of Japan (ECS-J) recently visited the NCCOS laboratory in Beaufort, NC to learn about living shorelines. ECS-J is the largest conservation group in ...

NOS and NCCOS Leadership Experience Beaufort Lab S...

Last month, the NOAA Beaufort Lab received twohigh level visitors: David Holst, the Acting Deputy Assistant Administrator of NOS, and Mary Erickson, the Director of NCCOS. The NOAA campus in ...

'From Seeds to Shorelines' Comes to North Carolina

NCCOS scientist, Dr. Carolyn Currin, North Carolina National Estuarine Research Reserve Education Coordinator, Lori Davis, and North Carolina Sea Grant Marine Education Specialist, Teri Kerby Hathaway, are bringing the successful ...

Hardened Shorelines Reduce Fish Egg Abundance in D...

Atlantic silversides (Menidia menidia) prefer to deposit their eggs on native salt marsh habitat but not invasive salt marsh species, beaches, or shorelines hardened by bulkheads or rip-rap, according to ...

Scientists Determine Value of Habitat's Ability to...

Humans have dramatically increased the nitrogen load to coastal systems leading to eutrophication. Putting a monetary value on an ecosystem's ability to remove nitrogen is effective for communicating the significance ...


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NCCOS delivers ecosystem science solutions for stewardship of the nation’s ocean and coastal resources to sustain thriving coastal communities and economies.

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