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Incorporating Natural Processes into Stormwater In...

Aerial photo of La Paz, Mexico in October, 1976 after precipitation and runoff from Hurricane Liza caused the Arroyo El Cajoncito to tear through a protective levee, sending fast moving ...

Shoreline Armoring Along Oregon Coast Lowers Value...

Oceanfront landowners in Neskowin, Oregon, have chosen to use rock revetments, or rip-rap, to protect their properties from erosion. Their decision has implications for property values, public access, and recreation ...

Survey Team Evaluates Resilience of North Carolina...

The research team conducted field work at Cape Hatteras, North Carolina, in December 2019. Credit: Mariko Polk, University of North Carolina Wilmington. NCCOS approved an Event Response award of $15,778 ...

NOAA Funds Post–Hurricane Dorian Data Collection t...

Figure 1. A) Track of Hurricane Dorian, which made landfall just north of Cape Lookout National Seashore on September 6, 2019. B) USGS projections of the probability of overwash due ...

Swan Island Restoration Begins in Chesapeake Bay (...

Coastal islands and marshes in Chesapeake Bay are disappearing, along with the ecosystem services and shoreline protection benefits they provide. Within the last half century, the cumulative effects of shoreline ...

Grasses Shape and Protect Coastal Dunes in Differe...

A study supported by NCCOS has found that the dominant type of beach grass influences the shape of coastal sand dunes, which in turn influences how well those dunes protect ...

New Tool Informs Dune Recovery After Storms

Cross-shore schematic of the coupled Windsurf modeling framework showing the general processes resolved by the three model cores: XBeach (a subtidal morphodynamics model), CDM (Coastal Dune Model), and Aeolis (aeolian ...


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