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Analysis of Marine Ecological Information Gaps in ...

We compiled and analyzed biological and ecological data to identify information voids in support of the National Park Service’s (NPS) management of marine resources within its jurisdiction. The biological and ...

Developing a Resource Assessment Tool for Marine P...

We worked with NOAA’s National Marine Protected Area Center (MPA Center) to develop new approaches to characterize natural resources (e.g., deep sea corals, fish diversity, submarine canyons) in marine-protected areas ...

Ecological Effects of Sea Level Rise in North Caro...

We are developing mapping and modeling tools to provide the North Carolina coastal management community the most up to date research on the effect of sea level rise and storminess ...

Restoring our Nation’s Wetlands using MAPTITE: A M...

We developed an ArcGIS-extension MAPTITE tool designed to help marsh planners maximize the success rate of vegetation restoration efforts. The tool identifies suitable locations for replenishing marsh plant species based ...

Sampling Design Tool for ArcGIS

The Sampling Design Tool for ArcGIS randomly selects people, animals, objects, or places in a GIS environment to infer status or change. The tool was developed to create and implement ...


GIS Toolbox for Estimating Wave Attenuation by Coa...

A new free GIS toolbox, that estimates and maps the wave reduction intensity provided by marshes, makes it easier to evaluate marshes for coastal protection. NOAA-funded researchers at Louisiana State ...


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