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NOAA Supports Regional Science Fairs

NOAA 'Taking the Pulse of the Planet' award is at regional and state science fairs affiliated with the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF) to students (one middle, one ...

Hardening of Shorelines in the Mid-Atlantic Focus ...

Management agencies are struggling to balance the pressures of coastal development with theconservation and protection of the coastal environment. Representatives of several managementgroups convened on February 29 to review progress ...

Study Shows Smaller Late Summer Dead Zone in the C...

Sixty years of monitoring data analyzed by scientists sponsored by the National Centers for Coastal Ocean Science has revealed a smaller dead zone in late summer in the Chesapeake Bay ...

Exploring New Ways to Communicate Scientific Resul...

Online social media tools have revolutionized communications. Facebook, You Tube, and Twitter are now commonplace in the private sector and increasingly being used by the federal government. These social media ...

Congressional Interest in Harmful Algae and Dead Z...

In June 2011, a House of Representatives subcommittee on energy and environment unveiled a bill to reauthorize research on hypoxic 'dead zones' and harmful algal blooms (HABs). During a hearing ...

New Pollution Scoring System Helps Identify Top Ta...

New published research by scientists at the National Centers for Coastal Science demonstrates an improved approach for calculating and comparing bioeffects levels in different places. Using a single numerical score, ...

More Data Not Always Better For Hypoxia Models

Increasing use of ecological models for management and policy requires robust evaluation of model precision, accuracy, and sensitivity to ecosystem change. For coastal hypoxia, models are used to explore the ...


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