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NCCOS Participates in Endangered North Atlantic Ri...

The endangered North Atlantic Right whale (Eubalaena glacialis). Credit: Georgia Department of Natural Resources and NOAA NMFS. Representatives from several federal agencies met last week to discuss how to reverse ...

Digital Atlas for the Northeast Marine Corridor of...

NOAA’s National Centers for Coastal Ocean Science (NCCOS) and Office for Coastal Management (OCM) are pleased to announce two new decision-support products to assist managers in strategic planning for sustainable ...

NOAA Completes Successful Coral Reef Monitoring Se...

NOAA completed two sampling missions in the U. S. Virgin Islands (USVI) this summer. The first mission was conducted in St. Croix from June 12-June 23, and the second in ...

Light Shed on Hawaiian Reef Fish Food Sources and ...

NOAA-funded scientists studying the diets of 22 species of Hawaiian coral reef fish living at both shallow (0-30 meters) and mesophotic (30-150 meters) depths found that the food source differed ...

NCCOS Hosts Deep-Sea Coral Identification Workshop

In July, the NCCOS Deep Coral Ecology Laboratory (DCEL) held a two-day workshop on the taxonomy and morphological identification of deep-sea corals. The workshop was held in conjunction with the ...

Ocean scientists find how size of Coral Triangle m...

A new study of Asia's Coral Triangle, which contains nearly 30 percent of the world's reefs, shows that when it comes to ensuring a rich and diverse range of species, ...

Study Updates Knowledge on Species Destined for U....

A new analysis of importation records reveals that the U.S. marine aquarium trade brings in more species than previously estimated, but, due to errors on the forms, over counts the ...


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