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Lakebed Mapping and Assessing Ecological Resources...

A clay outcrop rises from the bottom of Lake Michigan offshore of Manitowoc, WI. This photo was taken by a drop camera. Credit: NCCOS. We worked with NOAA’s Office of ...


NCCOS Science Supports Designation of New Marine S...

Originally built as the Nancy Dousman in 1832, the schooner Gallinipper is Wisconsin's oldest shipwreck discovered to date. The 95-foot long schooner linked Wisconsin coastal cities with distant markets in ...

Study Illuminates Patterns in Atlantic Deep-water ...

A recent study has revealed that isolated deep-water habitats with small spatial footprints, like shipwrecks, may host disproportionate abundances of deep-water groupers. Previous research has shown that rocky reefs, artificial ...

Study Demonstrates Benefits of Joint Archeological...

Figure 1. Location of shipwrecks U‐576 and SS Bluefields on North Carolina's continental shelf. Insert in lower right shows multibeam bathymetry of the two shipwrecks, where warmer colors indicate shallower ...

Artificial Reefs May Help Tropical Fish Expand Geo...

Globally, there is evidence that many tropical fish species are shifting their geographic ranges poleward and to deeper waters in response to changing ocean conditions. Off North Carolina, researchers have ...

First Observations of Seeps, Shipwrecks, Species R...

This spring, scientists completed a 23-day expedition aboard NOAA Ship Okeanos Explorer, collecting data on poorly understood deep-sea habitats in the Gulf of Mexico. The researchers used remotely operated vehicles ...


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