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HABs in the Kodiak Archipelago: HAB Monitoring and...

Locations of monitoring beaches for shellfish toxicity in the Chiniak Bay study area, Kodiak Archipelago, Alaska. The project will enhance an existing HAB monitoring framework built by the Kodiak Area ...

Trophic Transfer and Effects of HAB Toxins in Alas...

This project aims to determine harmful algal bloom species composition and cell densities in Alaskan waters, and to model toxin transfer pathways to zooplankton, shellfish, finfish, and marine mammals, and ...


NOAA Engages Alaskan Communities in Aquaculture Op...

Chris Schillaci handles a piece of Nereocystis (Bull kelp), a key mariculture species for Alaska’s growing aquaculture industry. In February and March 2024, NCCOS and NOAA Fisheries conducted a series ...

Algal Cyst Sampling in Alaska Advances Multi-Regio...

Sediment collection in Chiniak Bay, near Kodiak Alaska. Credit: Julie Matweyou, Alaska Sea Grant NCCOS funded partners recently completed field work in Kodiak Alaska to continue advancing a coordinated, multi-region ...

NOAA Mussel Watch Assesses Condition of Coastal Co...

Report cover: A Synthesis of Ten Years of Chemical Contaminants Monitoring in National Park Service - Southeast and Southwest Alaska Networks in Collaboration with the NOAA National Mussel Watch Program ...

NCCOS and Alaska Partners Provide Harmful Algal Bl...

The newly established Alaska Harmful Algal Bloom Network (AHAB) provides statewide awareness of harmful algal blooms. Alaska shellfish are an important component of the economy, providing food and income to Alaskans ...


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