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Current Opportunities

The following is a list of internship opportunities which are available for this calendar year, and have not been filled yet. View information about the program.

Assessing Loggerhead sea turtle nesting activity, Florida
Location: Research
Land–based influences on the ecology of coastal ecosystems in Puget Sound, Washington
Location: Research
Animal Husbandry and Public Education in the Woods Hole Science Aquarium, Woods Hole Massachusetts
Location: General, Research, Science Communication
Developing Interactive Web-based Story Maps for NOAA’s Habitat Focus Areas
Location: General, Science Communication
Green sea turtle critical habitat designation proposal, Maryland
Location: Policy
Larval fish photography, illustrations, and creation of image library, Florida
Location: Research, Science Communication
Age and growth of the commercially fished Billfishes in the Gulf of Mexico and Western Caribbean, Florida
Location: Research
Marine Protected Areas and Climate Change, Maryland
Location: General, Policy, Science Communication
Anatomy of a killer whale predation event, Maryland
Location: Research
Communicating Marine Protected Areas – Using Story Maps and Online Tools to Share Information about MPAs, California
Location: General, Policy, Science Communication
Monitoring Climate Change Impacts to Freshwater Tidal Marshes in the Hudson River National Estuarine Research Reserve, New York
Location: Research