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Tidal hydrodynamics under future sea level rise and coastal morphology in the Northern Gulf of Mexico

This study examines the integrated influence of sea level rise (SLR) and future morphology on tidal hydrodynamics along the Northern Gulf of Mexico (NGOM) coast including seven embayments and three ecologically and economically significant estuaries. A large-domain hydrodynamic model was ...

Transgenerational exposure of North Atlantic bivalves to ocean acidification renders offspring more vulnerable to low pH and additional stressors

While early life-stage marine bivalves are vulnerable to ocean acidification, effects over successive generations are poorly characterized. The objective of this work was to assess the transgenerational efects of ocean acidifcation on two species of North Atlantic bivalve shellfsh, Mercenaria ...

Using Multiple Watershed Models to Predict Water, Nitrogen, and Phosphorus Discharges to the Patuxent Estuary

We analyzed an ensemble of watershed models that predict flow, nitrogen, and phosphorus discharges. The models differed in scope and complexity and used different input data, but all had been applied to evaluate human impacts on discharges to the Patuxent ...

Variability of biogeochemical processes and physical transport in a partially stratified estuary: a box-modeling analysis

Regional, seasonal, and interannual variations of freshwater inputs, biogeochemical transformations, and pelagic-benthic interactions were examined in the Patuxent River estuary. Monthly rates of net biogeochemical production (or consumption) and physical transport of carbon, oxygen, and nutrients were calculated for 6 ...

Variations in chemical speciation and reactivity of phosphorus between suspended-particles and surface-sediment in seasonal hypoxia-influenced Green Bay

Water, suspended-particles, and surface-sediment samples were collected from Green Bay, Lake Michigan, for the measurements of phosphorus (P) species, including dissolved/particulate-P, inorganic/organic-P, and five different forms of particulate-P, namely exchangeable- or labile-P (Ex-P), iron-bound-P (Fe-P), biogenic-apatite and/or CaCO3-associated-P (CFA-P), organic-P ...

Vulnerability of early life stage Northwest Atlantic forage fish to ocean acidification and low oxygen

Global oceans are undergoing acidification and deoxygenation, yet the concurrent effects of low oxygen and acidification on marine fish are unknown. This study quantified the separate and combined effects of low pH and low oxygen on 4 vital early life-history ...

Wind-driven lateral circulation in a stratified estuary and its effects on the along-channel flow

In the stratified rotating estuary of Chesapeake Bay, the Ekman transport drives a counterclockwise lateral circulation under down?estuary winds and a clockwise lateral circulation under up?estuary winds (looking into estuary). The clockwise circulation is about twice as strong as the ...

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