Harmful Algal Bloom Forecasting

Our HAB forecasts alert coastal managers to blooms before they cause serious damage. Short-term (once or twice
weekly) forecasts identify which blooms are potentially harmful, where they are, how big they are, and where they are
likely to occur. Longer-term, seasonal forecasts predict the severity of HABs for the bloom season in a particular
region. Early warning provides health officials, environmental managers, and water treatment facility operators
information to focus their testing to guide beach and shellfish bed closures or water treatment in a more appropriate
timeframe. They also allow the seafood and tourism industries to minimize impacts.

HAB forecasts are developed for individual regions and are based on understanding HABs and how they respond to regionally changing weather and ocean conditions. The other critical component of a HAB forecast is the ability to routinely and remotely detect HABs, their toxins, and environmental conditions that foster blooms and enhance their toxicity.

NCCOS HAB Forecasts

External Partner HAB Forecasts

Several HAB forecasts are produced externally by NOAA partners and collaborators. These HAB forecasts are produced regionally and provide advanced warning of HAB events to local stakeholders and the public.

Harmful Algal Bloom Monitoring System

NCCOS developed the Algal Bloom Monitoring System to routinely deliver near real-time products for use in locating, monitoring and quantifying algal blooms in coastal and lake regions of the US. This application delivers a suite of bloom detection products in the form of geographic based images. At this time products are available for selected regions. New products are being evaluated, and new regions are being considered; as they are proven useful, they will be made available through this system.

Find Out More About Ecoforecasting

Ecological forecasts use measurements of the physical and biological environment to predict ecological conditions that can impact natural resources, people, communities, and economies. NCCOS aims to deliver accurate, relevant, timely, and reliable ecological forecasts that power the blue economy and build climate resilience. These products and services are made available to coastal resource managers, private industry, and the public.