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A Fast Tool to Detect Toxic Shellfish
Primary Contact: Pat Tester Status: Ongoing
A Fetal Origin of Epileptic Disease in the California Sea Lion
Primary Contact: John Ramsdell Completed: December, 2013
A Regional Comparison of Upwelling and Coastal Land Use Patterns on the Development of HAB Hotspots Along the California Coast
Primary Contact: Quay Dortch To be completed: December, 2016
Aggression is a Symptom of Domoic Acid Poisoning in California Sea Lions
Primary Contact: John Ramsdell Status: Ongoing
An Early Warning System for Pseudo-nitzschia Harmful Algal Blooms on Pacific Northwest Outer-Coast Beaches
Primary Contact: Marc Suddleson To be completed: June, 2021
Azaspiracid: An Emerging Algal Toxin
Primary Contact: Greg Doucette Status: Ongoing
Brevetoxin Metabolism and Physiology - A Freshwater Model of Morbidity in Endangered Sea Turtles
Primary Contact: Quay Dortch Completed: December, 2014
Characterization of an Algicidal Agent Produced by the Bacterium Shewanella sp. IRI-160 and its Impact on Dinoflagellate Physiology and Microbial Community Dynamics
Primary Contact: Marc Suddleson Completed: December, 2014
Characterization of Toxin Synthesis Pathways in Toxic Dinoflagellates
Primary Contact: Fran VanDolah Completed: September, 2015
Ciguatera Fish Poisoning: Identifying Toxic Species
Primary Contact: Wayne Litaker Status: Ongoing