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New Coral Area Discovered in 2014 in the Gulf of Mexico is Two Times Larger than Previously Thought

Preliminary results from the fourth and final Coral Ecosystem Connectivity expedition (22 August – 4 September 2015) to Pulley Ridge (off the southwest coast of Florida) show the new coral area discovered in 2014 is two times larger than previously thought. Pulley Ridge, the deepest photosynthetic reef off the continental U.S., is one of the […]

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NOAA Embarks on Final Expedition to Investigate Coral Ecosystem Connectivity in Gulf of Mexico

Last week, a NOAA-funded investigation of the relatively healthy deep reefs of Pulley Ridge (off the southwest coast of Florida) began its fourth and final expedition. During the two-week mission, the team will launch a remotely operated vehicle from the University of Miami’s R/V F.G. Walton Smith to photograph benthic and fish communities and collect fish […]

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New Recruits Comprise most of Coral Area Found in 2014

A completed analysis from the 2014 expedition to Pulley Ridge based on remotely operated vehicle (ROV) observations revealed significant areas of new coral growth. The findings were compiled from a total of 24 ROV dives to characterize the mesophotic coral reef ecosystems off the southwest coast of Florida and the Tortugas, and determined over 56.5 percent […]

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Pulley Ridge Corals Show Potential Signs of Recovery After 10-Year Decline

An NCCOS-funded study has produced a detailed characterization of the deep (60–80 meters), mesophotic reefs and fish populations of Pulley Ridge, located off the southwest coast of Florida. While the study shows a decade-long decrease in coral cover at Pulley Ridge, when compared with data collected by the U.S. Geological Survey in 2003, the findings […]

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‘Coral Ecosystem Connectivity 2014’ Expedition Discovers New Coral Area in Gulf of Mexico

NOAA-sponsored scientists discovered a new coral area off the southwest coast of Florida near Pulley Ridge. The area is extensive and has the densest cover of plate corals (Agaricia spp.) known in the Gulf of Mexico. This is the most coral seen in the Pulley Ridge area since 2009. Scientists made the discovery in August […]

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NCCOS-funded Research Cruise Investigates Coral and Fish Connectivity in the Gulf of Mexico

On August 13, 2013, NCCOS and partners will set off on a two-week research expedition off the coast of southwest Florida to investigate the role of mesophotic (mid-depth) coral ecosystems of Pulley Ridge in replenishing key fish and other coral ecosystem species found in Florida Keys and Dry Tortugas reefs. This 5-year study, led by University of […]

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