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NCCOS Projects at the Forefront of Numerical Estuarine Modeling

Scientists’ use of simulation models has increased during the past several decades as a widely accepted tool for investigations into estuarine dynamics. A recently published scientific review paper, authored by NCCOS-sponsored scientists, outlines the progress and accomplishments of coupled hydrodynamic-ecological estuarine modeling. Many NCCOS-sponsored foundational modeling studies are featured in the review paper. Findings show that while most […]

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2016 Ocean Sciences Meeting Showcases NCCOS Research

The 2016 Ocean Sciences Meeting this past winter featured the research of NCCOS scientists and sponsored principal investigators. Topics included ocean acidification, hypoxia, blue carbon, and harmful algal blooms. NCCOS scientists and sponsored researchers gave 24 oral and poster presentations and co-chaired six special sessions. The biennial Ocean Sciences Meeting consists of a diverse program covering […]

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Annual Lecture Informs Long Island Citizens of Water Quality Threats

Over the last century, Long Island coastal bays, once home to some of the nation’s most productive shellfisheries, have faced a series of environmental threats. The primary culprit appears to be excess nitrogen entering the waters—from fertilizer runoff to septic system effluent—that fuels excessive algal growth, reducing water quality and degrading bay ecosystems. These algal […]

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Robotic Environmental Sample Processor Conserves Samples for HAB Species Identification

Sponsored researchers with the NCCOS ECOHAB project looking at regional harmful algal bloom “hotspots” off coastal California are testing the feasibility of using a robotic water quality and toxin detection device, the Environmental Sample Processor or ESP, to collect the glass cells (silicon frustules) of the diatom Pseudo-nitzschia for species identification and assessing geographic distribution. Certain species […]

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Investigating Tissue Contaminant Levels in Shellfish from Vieques, Puerto Rico

New research from NOAA found tissue concentrations of toxic contaminants in queen conch (Strombus gigas), including metals, energetic compounds (associated with munitions), and the pesticide DDT from Vieques, Puerto Rico. The measured contaminant levels were similar to elsewhere in the Caribbean despite decades of military activities on the island. A team of scientists from the National Centers for Coastal Ocean […]

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Long Island Shellfish Industry Briefed on Climate Impacts

On March 2, 2016, approximately 20 people involved in the shellfish industry on Long Island, NY met with Dr. Chris Gobler at his Stony Brook University laboratory to learn about some of the threats climate change could pose to shellfish hatchery and grow-out operations. Participants included county shellfish managers, town hatchery operators, private shellfish companies, […]

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