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Western Lake Erie Basin Partners Meet on Management Practices

NCCOS-sponsored scientists with the hypoxia Ecological Forecasting Project in Lake Erie are presenting research findings related to Best Management Practices (BMPs), phosphorus loading, and climate interactions in the western Lake Erie watershed to the Western Lake Erie Basin Partnership on June 20 in Toledo, Ohio. NCCOS scientists will also present the methodology behind NOAA’s seasonal […]

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NCCOS Research Highlighted at International Association for Great Lakes Research Conference

On June 2-6, NCCOS led several sessions at this year’s International Association for Great Lakes Research annual conference at Purdue University. Our Great Lakes research addresses critical ecosystem and watershed-scale issues in the region such as invasive species, nutrient management hypoxia and impacts of multiple stressors. Sessions featuring NCCOS  science included: Using Data and Models to Link […]

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NCCOS-sponsored Research Paper Receives Annual Award

An NCCOS-sponsored project publication was selected for the 2012 Chandler-Misener Award by the Journal of Great Lakes Research.   Titled “Historical pattern of phosphorus loading to Lake Erie watersheds,” the paper quantifies trends in phosphorus (P) loading to Lake Erie watersheds from 1935 to 2007. Over this 70-year period, P input to Lake Erie increased to peak values in […]

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Harmful Algae Blooms Plague Lake Erie Again I National Geographic News Watch Water Currents

Seeing the photos from the record-breaking algal bloom on Lake Erie in 2011 was like déjà vu for me. I grew up in the Great Lakes region in the 1960s and 1970s and remember the days when Lake Erie was declared “dead.” I later learned that the green scum that plagued the lake during summer […]

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NSF Study: Climate and Agricultural Practices May Contribute to Increase of HABS in Lake Erie

According to a new multi-investigator study, with contributions from researchers funded by the National Centers for Coastal Ocean Science’s (NCCOS) Ecological Forecasting Program in Lake Erie, the record-breaking 2011 Lake Erie cyanobacteria bloom was likely caused by a combination of changing farming practices and weather conditions; conditions predicted to continue under a changing climate. The study led […]

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