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Palau Sustainable Fisheries Supported by NCCOS Science

Recent findings from research conducted in Palau show that in order to manage reef fisheries, both good water quality and an intact biological community are needed.  Their results show that fish larvae respond to both reef sounds and the smells when seeking a place to settle from open water and mature into adults. This NCCOS-supported […]

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Studying Contaminants in Cocos Lagoon, Guam: Blog Post #3

For sediment sampling in Cocos Lagoon, we used what is known as a “stratified–random design.” Basically, a series of strata (layers) were developed in consultation with local partners, and then random sampling points were scattered in each stratum. At these points, samples of sediment could be collected. By using this design, any point within a […]

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New Protocol Allows Scientists to Monitor Toxic Bottom-dwelling Algae at Low Cost

Using little more than a window screen to collect algae, NCCOS scientists have developed a simple, low-cost protocol for monitoring harmful, bottom-dwelling algae in diverse marine habitats around the world. The window screens mimic natural surfaces that harbor toxic algae and allow direct comparisons of algae abundance from different locations. In a series of field […]

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Guam Students Learn About Coastal Resilience and Conservation

Over a decade ago, fishermen in the village of Umatac (Humåtak) off the southwest coast of Guam found they were not catching the same size and quality of fish. Researchers identified one of the primary reasons to be an accelerated rate of erosion caused by the introduction of feral ungulates (pigs, goats, and deer) and […]

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Palauan Researcher Receives Prestigious 2013 Pew Fellowship

The Pew Charitable Trusts organization recently awarded Yimnang Golbuu, CEO and Chief Researcher of the Palau International Coral Reef Center a 2013 Pew Fellowship in Marine Conservation to assess the connectivity of marine protected areas in Palau.  PICRC researchers and colleagues developed a hydrodynamic model to track coral and fish larvae as they move through […]

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