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Guam Students Learn About Coastal Resilience and Conservation

Over a decade ago, fishermen in the village of Umatac (Humåtak) off the southwest coast of Guam found they were not catching the same size and quality of fish. Researchers identified one of the primary reasons to be an accelerated rate of erosion caused by the introduction of feral ungulates (pigs, goats, and deer) and […]

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Palauan Researcher Receives Prestigious 2013 Pew Fellowship

The Pew Charitable Trusts organization recently awarded Yimnang Golbuu, CEO and Chief Researcher of the Palau International Coral Reef Center a 2013 Pew Fellowship in Marine Conservation to assess the connectivity of marine protected areas in Palau.  PICRC researchers and colleagues developed a hydrodynamic model to track coral and fish larvae as they move through […]

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New Interactive Map Highlights America’s Coral Reefs

A new interactive map, “Mapping America’s Coral Reefs,” gives casual observers an engaging overview of  the nearly 3 million acres of sea floor habitat mapping data produced by the National Centers for Coastal Ocean Science and its partners. This “story” map complements a recent report summarizing NOAA shallow-water coral reef mapping outcomes and results, which […]

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Cheaper Ciguatoxin Assay May Rely on Proxy Molecule

A recently published finding may contribute to the development of a long-elusive affordable ciguatoxin detector, crucial for equatorial peoples worldwide at risk of contracting a severe type of seafood poisoning. While researching toxicity differences in the several species of tropical algae that cause ciguatera, researchers from the National Centers for Coastal Ocean Science and partners […]

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Maps of Coral Reef Ecosystem Habitats Enhance Conservation Efforts

Since 2000, the National Ocean Service and its partners have mapped more than 3 million acres (12,100 km2) of shallow-water (0-30 meters) coral reef habitats spanning the Pacific, Atlantic and Caribbean. The results of this body of work are summarized in a new report released by the National Centers for Coastal Ocean Science (NCCOS), National Summary […]

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Community Efforts to Protect Coral Reefs Gets Financial Backing

The National Centers for Coastal Ocean Science’s Regional Ecosystem Prediction Program on Coral Reef Ecosystem Studies (CRES) has awarded $200K to the University of Hawaii at Manoa Kewalo Marine Laboratory to address the effects of land-based sources of pollution on coral reefs in the Pacific. The money will fund the first year of a five-year, […]

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