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Ship-borne Nonindigenous Species Diminish Great Lakes Ecosystem Services

We used structured expert judgment and economic analysis to quantify annual impacts on ecosystem services in the Great Lakes, North America of nonindigenous aquatic species introduced by ocean-going ships. For the US waters, median damages aggregated across multiple ecosystem services ...

Sight-unseen detection of rare aquatic species using environmental DNA

Effective management of rare species, including endangered native species and recently introduced nonindigenous species, requires the detection of populations at low density. For endangered species, detecting the localized distribution makes it possible to identify and protect critical habitat to enhance ...

Spatial analysis of toxic or otherwise bioactive cyanobacterial peptides in Green Bay, Lake Michigan

Cyanobacterial harmful algal blooms (cyanoHABs) are a growing problem in freshwater systems worldwide. CyanoHABs are well documented in Green Bay, Lake Michigan but little is known about cyanoHAB toxicity. This study characterized the diversity and spatial distribution of toxic or ...

Stepping stones for biological invasion: A bioeconomic model of transferable risk

We investigate three sources of bias in valuation methods for ecosystem risk: failure to consider substitution possibilities between goods, failure to consider nonseparability of ecosystem services with market goods, and failure to consider substitution possibilities between ecosystems. The first two ...

The Green Bay Saga: environmental change, scientific investigation, and watershed management

The Green Bay watershed, draining a total area of approximately 40,468 km2, comprises about a third of the Lake Michigan drainage. In the early years, fur trade was the dominant economic activity within the watershed. Later, when timber harvesting, papermaking, ...

Variations in chemical speciation and reactivity of phosphorus between suspended-particles and surface-sediment in seasonal hypoxia-influenced Green Bay

Water, suspended-particles, and surface-sediment samples were collected from Green Bay, Lake Michigan, for the measurements of phosphorus (P) species, including dissolved/particulate-P, inorganic/organic-P, and five different forms of particulate-P, namely exchangeable- or labile-P (Ex-P), iron-bound-P (Fe-P), biogenic-apatite and/or CaCO3-associated-P (CFA-P), organic-P ...

Weed Risk Assessment for Aquatic Plants: Modification of a New Zealand System for the United States

We tested the accuracy of an invasive aquatic plant risk assessment system in the United States that we modified from a system originally developed by New Zealand’s Biosecurity Program. The US system is comprised of 38 questions that address biological, ...

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