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Seminar With Top Lionfish Researchers | Bernews.com

Published on: 10/02/2012

The Ocean Support Foundation and its partner organizations are hosting a two-day workshop on Tuesday October 9th and Wednesday October 10th at the Bermuda Aquarium, Museum and Zoo for key stakeholders as well as an evening presentation that will be open to the public on Wednesday October 10th at 7pm, also at the Bermuda Aquarium, Museum and Zoo.

The two-day workshop and evening lecture will feature two of the top lionfish researchers in the Western Atlantic, Dr. James Morris, Jr. from NOAA and Mr. Lad Akins of REEF.

The public presentation will cover the most up to date lionfish information from across the Atlantic and summarize the results of the two-day workshop. Dr. Morris will chronicle the lionfish invasion in the Atlantic and Mr. Akins will speak to how citizen volunteers are making an impact on the lionfish invasion.

via Seminar With Top Lionfish Researchers | Bernews.com.

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