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NCCOS Research Results Impact International Policy

On September 10, 2013, NCCOS-sponsored researcher Dr. Don Scavia will be a panelist at the Great Lakes Triennial Meeting focusing on Lake Erie. This forum is designed to inform and engage the public regarding the new Lake Erie Ecosystem Priority (LEEP) study report that was commissioned by the International Joint Commission (IJC) in 2012 to provide guidance to federal, state/provincial and local governments for developing policy and management approaches to address lake-wide challenges with respect to declining water quality, algal blooms and associated ecosystem, human health and economic impacts.

Dr. Scavia was a lead author of the LEEP report and incorporated findings from his NCCOS-supported project investigating the causes and consequences of hypoxia in Lake Erie. The report includes recommendations on reducing inputs of phosphorus to Lake Erie and encouraging Best Management Practices for reducing sediment and nutrient runoff.

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