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Lake Erie Nutrient Management Priorities Set at International Workshop

Don Scavia, a researcher whose work is funded in part by the National Centers for Coastal Ocean Science, presented results from his Lake Erie hypoxia ecological forecasting project. His presentation focused on phosphorus loading, climate influence on those loads, subsequent impacts on dissolved oxygen and harmful algal blooms, and best management practices to control nutrient runoff. Despite […]

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Coastal Ecosystem, Hypoxia and Harmful Algae Problems-Solutions Front and Center at Conference

The leading world venue for showcasing the latest research on oceans, coasts and lakes is the Association for the Sciences of Limnology and Oceanography Aquatic Sciences Meeting.  The research programs sponsored by the NOAA National Centers for Coastal Ocean Science (NCCOS) offer management solutions for harmful algae, hypoxia and regional ecosystem-scale research. At the 2013 […]

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NOAA awards grant to develop a biofilter to remove algal toxins from the Great Lakes

This article was first published by NOAA. NOAA has awarded a team of scientists $182,982 for the first year of an anticipated four-year $703,777 project for research that could lead to an instrument, called a biofilter, that could break down harmful algal toxins in the Great Lakes into harmless byproducts. This project will build on previous research […]

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