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NOAA announces grants to predict ocean acidification’s effects on commercial fisheries

As scientists continue to research ways in which the oceans are changing – and what these changes mean for fish populations, three new research projects will receive funding to examine the effects of ocean acidification on fisheries, and the coastal economies that depend upon them. Ocean acidification occurs when the ocean absorbs carbon dioxide from […]

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Increasing atmospheric CO2 and eutrophication combine to acidify coastal bottom waters

Dissolution of carbon dioxide (CO2) from rising atmospheric CO2 is acidifying ocean water; but a second environmental problem, eutrophication, is having a similar effect in coastal bottom waters. This occurs because anthropogenic inputs of nutrients fuel massive algal blooms, which deplete bottom waters of oxygen (O2) and release CO2 when the organic matter from these blooms is respired by […]

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Northwest Oyster Die-offs Show Ocean Acidification Has Arrived by Elizabeth Grossman: Yale Environment 360

Standing on the shores of Netarts Bay in Oregon on a sunny fall morning, it’s hard to imagine that the fate of the oysters being raised here at the Whiskey Creek Shellfish Hatchery is being determined by what came out of smokestacks and tailpipes in the 1960s and ‘70s. But this rural coastal spot and […]

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Ocean Acidification Funding Announcement Released by NOAA for FY 2012

The NOAA Ocean Acidification Program and the NOAA National Centers for Coastal Ocean Science have released a new competitive grants announcement for availability of grant funds for Fiscal Year 2012.  An announcement of opportunity has been published to submit proposals to: Impacts of Ocean Acidification. Proposals under the Regional Ecosystem Prediction Program: Impacts of Ocean Acidification closes […]

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Managing Our Invaluable Coastal Ecosystems in a Changing Climate

Are we loving our coasts to death? Part I—Introduction and Overview Our coastal ocean ecosystems provide us inestimable ecological, recreational, and economic benefits. Our populations flock to these coastal areas, both as full–time residents and as vacationers. The notion that we as a species yearn to return to the sea is one familiar to all […]

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