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Assessment of Hurricane Impacts to Coral Reefs in ...

In 2017, major hurricanes impacted coral reefs in both Florida and Puerto Rico. We quantified these impacts using diver-based surveys, and our information was used to guide targeted emergency stabilization ...

Understanding Coral Ecosystem Connectivity in the ...

We are investigating population connectivity for key coral, sponge, and fish species between shallow and mesophotic reefs of the Flower Garden Banks National Marine Sanctuary and its proposed expansion areas ...


New Report Evaluates Health of U.S. Coral Reefs

Cover page of Coral Reef Condition: A Status Report for U.S. Coral Reefs. Credit NOAA. NCCOS scientists contributed to the newly released national status report on U.S. coral reefs. Drawing ...

Brucellosis in Stranded SC Bottlenose Dolphins Coi...

NCCOS tested 282 stranded dolphins in South Carolina for brucellosis, caused by the bacterial pathogen Brucella ceti. Nearly 32% tested positive. Results show that Brucella ceti was detected in a higher ...

NOAA Intervention Strategy Seeks to Stem Loss of U...

NOAA Action Plan on Coral Intervention. Credit: NOAA. Rapidly deteriorating environmental conditions are threatening coral reefs worldwide, leading to a re-evaluation of long-standing conservation strategies. In response to recommendations from ...

New Research Shows Potential Impacts of Climate Ch...

Elkhorn coral (Acropora palmata). Credit: Lee Richter, National Park Service. A new modeling study by NOAA scientists predicts the future geographic range and population structure of threatened elkhorn coral (Acropora palmata) ...

New Research from NCCOS Could Improve Survival of ...

The threatened Florida manatee, Trichechus manatus latirostris, inhabits coastal environments where blooms of the toxic red tide dinoflagellate, Karenia brevis, frequently occur. K. brevis produces a suite of neurotoxins, called ...


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NCCOS delivers ecosystem science solutions for stewardship of the nation’s ocean and coastal resources to sustain thriving coastal communities and economies.

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