Reid Brewer

Kasitsna Bay Lab Director
Kasitsna Bay Laboratory
Kasitsna Bay Laboratory

Brewer is the Director of NOAA's Kasitsna Bay Lab located near Seldovia, Alaska. The lab sits on a productive estuary in Southcentral Alaska with diverse coastal habitats and marine recourses that allows for year-round ecosystem monitoring and field research.

Brewer's research interests include kelp-forest ecology, predator-prey interactions, population dynamics and scientific diving. He has been working in Alaska as a university researcher, faculty member, and administrator for the last 20 years. His focus on community engagement and stakeholder outreach has allowed him to develop partnerships statewide while keeping abreast of coastal marine issues and needs. Brewer earned his BS in Environmental Science and Systems Engineering at the US Military Academy at West Point and served as a pilot and commissioned officer in the US Army. Reid received his MS and PhD in Marine Biology from the University of Alaska Fairbanks.


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