Jenny Davis, PhD

Research Ecologist
Beaufort Laboratory
Coastal Resilience, Restoration and Assessment

Davis is a wetland ecologist in the Coastal Resilience, Response and Assessment Branch (CRRAB). Researchers in CRRAB evaluate the vulnerability of coastal regions to sea level rise and other hazards and develop solutions that enhance the resilience of communities and ecosystems.

Davis' current research focus is on the ecology and biogeochemistry of coastal wetlands with an emphasis on: 1) the resilience of natural coastal wetlands to shoreline wave energy, storms, and Sea Level Rise (SLR), 2) quantification of ecosystem services provided by natural and restored/created coastal habitats; and, 3) adaptive management strategies for enhancing wetland resilience to SLR. Prior to coming to NCCOS in 2013 she spent several years at the College of Charleston researching the role of marine viruses in the oceanic carbon cycle. Previous positions have afforded Davis the opportunity to study a wide range of topics, including bacterial water quality at swimming beaches, nitrogen cycling in shoreline fringing marshes, genetic diversity in tropical seagrasses, and the production and fate of organic carbon in the Arctic Ocean.

Davis received her Bachelors in Marine Biology from Texas A&M University at Galveston (1994), Masters in Biology from Florida International University (1998) and Doctorate in Marine Science from the University of South Carolina (2007).


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