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National Level Products

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NWS Quantitative Precipitation Forecasts

NWS Quantitative Precipitation Forecasts

Many states around the country use total rainfall in a 24hr period as a trigger for opening and closing shellfish harvest areas and for issuing warnings for swimming beaches. This product provides graphical guidance of expected, cumulative rainfall several days in advance through google earth. To download Google EarthTM and the files, click the photo.

Doubling Time of Vibro parahaemolyticus (Vp) in oysters

Doubling Time of Vibro parahaemolyticus (Vp) in oysters

Vibro parahaemolyticus has one of the fastest growth rates of all estuarine bacteria, and the population can replace itself, or double every hour at 90°C. This product uses modeled air temperature from the North American Mesoscale to force a statistical growth rate equation (USFDA 2005) for Vp. The spatially explicit graphical display allows users to determine where and when the highest doubling times will occur every hour, out to 72 hrs in advance to plan harvest and refrigeration strategies.

National Weather Service Three Month Outlooks for temperature and precipitation

NWS Three Month Outlooks

For longer range planning for an upcoming growing or beach season, helpful forecasts are provided by the NWS Climate Prediction Center. These 3 month outlooks for temperature and precipitation, give probabilities of above average, normal or below average temperatures and rainfall with respect to a recent 30 year climatology.

View Vibrio Guidance Models in Specific Regions

As a work in progress, current Vibrio models displayed here are considered experimental products, and thus NOAA will not be held liable from issues arising from their interpretation and use.