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Our Ghost Hunters are Searching for Ghosts of the Ocean

Published on: 10/31/2023
Research Area(s): Social Media

Ship structure on bottom of ocean covered in an orange organic substance.It’s our most spook-tacular project yet! 💀  Our team of ghost hunters are on a mission to find the 👻s of the ocean…ghost ships, that is! Ghost ships are ships that sank unintentionally–often during storms or war–and provide ecologically valuable habitats for a diversity of marine species, ranging from reef fishes to top predators. Understanding how fish communities use these shipwreck reefs can help guide management decisions, spatial planning for offshore development, and habitat enhancement to ensure healthy reef ecosystems and sustainable ecosystems. Learn more about this ongoing project involving ghosts of ships past: https://coastalscience.noaa.gov/project/assessing-the-ecological-function-of-shipwrecks-artificial-reefs-and-rocky-reefs-on-the-southeastern-us-continental-shelf/


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