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HAB Monitors Close Beaches in Oregon to Protect Recreational Clammers

A pilot program to monitor harmful algal species and their toxins in Oregon last week confirmed elevated domoic acid levels in razor clams, prompting the closure of popular state recreational clamming beaches from Tillamook Head to Bandon Beach (about a 240 mile stretch of Oregon’s 363 miles of coast). Domoic acid is a neurotoxin produced […]

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Massive Seabird Mortality Event in Oregon Linked to Harmful Algal Bloom – NCCOS and Partners Respond

In late October 2009, NOAA, state and university researchers in Oregon joined an ongoing regional effort to respond to a major seabird mortality and stranding event in the region. Thousands of seabirds appear to have been impacted by a widespread bloom of the algal species Akashiwo sanguinea. The species, believed to be non-toxic, produces soap-like foam that removes […]

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Harmful Algal Bloom in California: Pseudo-nitzschia Spread Along Coast Causing Massive Mortalities of Marine Life in Spring 2007

A massive harmful algal bloom along the California coast escalated in April 2007, resulting in record toxin levels and hundreds of seabird and marine mammal deaths. National Centers for Coastal Ocean Science-funded researchers and managers worked to predict and respond to the ongoing bloom, which impacted areas from San Luis Obispo south to Los Angeles. […]

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