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Mechanisms Controlling Hypoxia – Glider Application to Gulf of Mexico Hypoxic Zone Monitoring: Pilot Study and Transition to Operations

We evaluated the use of gliders to improve Gulf of Mexico hypoxic zone monitoring. The efficacy of this technology was determined and we developed a comprehensive plan that integrates glider capabilities into a range of ongoing and planned Gulf of Mexico hypoxic zone monitoring efforts. Why We Care The northern ...
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Synthesis and Integrated Modeling of Long-Term Data Sets to Support Fisheries and Hypoxia Management in the Northern Gulf of Mexico

We are integrating existing data sets collected in the Northern Gulf of Mexico to study hypoxia impacts on coastal ecosystems and associated fisheries. We are using probabilistic, data-centric modeling to assess the spatiotemporal dynamics of hypoxia and to understand and forecast fisheries and ecosystem impacts. Our research focuses on data-driven ...
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User-Driven Tools to Predict and Assess Effects of Reduced Nutrients and Hypoxia on Living Resources in the Gulf of Mexico

We are developing user-friendly, management-scale forecasting tools and quantitative indicators for hypoxia impacts on the Northern Gulf of Mexico ecosystem. We will assess minimum data needs to ensure these forecasts produce accurate and useful data for managers and stakeholders. Also, we will meet regularly with an advisory committee to evaluate ...
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Using Linked Models to Predict Impacts of Hypoxia on Gulf Coast Fisheries Under Scenarios of Watershed and River Management

We are linking a suite of well-established models to quantify fish and shrimp population responses to combinations of nutrient loadings and planned river diversions. Our scenario analyses include different land-use and agricultural practices in the watershed and alternative river diversions. The linked model system informs and supports management decisions by ...
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