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Maps and Geographical Data Explorers


BIOMappers let you interactively view data, aerial imagery, dive photography, underwater video and related publications developed for the benthic habitat mapping of many U.S. coral reefs. In addition to viewing benthic habitat data, you can examine the attributes of the data and show different thematic representations. Photos and videos taken during dive missions are linked to the location of the dives.

Spatial Planning Portals

Spatial Planning Portals contain a collection of data to assist in determining whether an area is important and why. They are tailored to the needs of a specific project and designed to be used with a Prioritization Form to capture the information needs for that project and create a consensus of where future activities should be focused.

Data Explorer Maps

Data Explorer Maps let you view data collected by the National Status and Trends Program (NS&T) and the National Benthic Inventory (NBI). Data explorer maps are most useful when looking for data for a specific geographic location. Tools for downloading data by study or data type are available on our websites, tools and desktop applications page.

Story Maps

Story Maps combine interactive maps with narrative text, images, and multimedia content to tell a story.