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NCCOS Scientists Speak to Students about Marine Science Careers

Scientists and educators from NOAA (National Centers for Coastal Ocean Science, Coral Reef Conservation Program, and Special Projects Office) recently reviewed group projects presented by 5th, 6th and 7th grade students from three schools in Maryland and Virginia. Thirty-five students presented their projects at the second annual NOAA Waterways Student Conference held in Silver Spring, Maryland. Students either: 1) investigated how physical, geological, chemical, and biological variables as well as human activities affected a coral reef ecosystem within the US National Marine Sanctuary system, or 2) used real data from NOAA to navigate a virtual cargo ship through a major ocean from one port to another. In return, NOAA researchers discussed their job experiences with students and answered questions about where they conduct research on coral reef ecosystems, their educational backgrounds, and what led them to their careers.

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