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Invasive Sea Squirts Threaten Shellfish Aquaculture

National Centers for Coastal Ocean Science researchers and their collaborators found that ten invasive tunicate species are fouling shellfish aquaculture operations along much of the U.S. East Coast, causing decreased growth rates, increased mortality, and high maintenance costs.  The survey identified the locations of highest fouling, which will be used to develop a plan to […]

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Survey Results Prompt NOAA Warning to Fisherman near Georges Bank (July 2007)

As part of an NCCOS research cruise in the Gulf of Maine, surveyors aboard the R/V Endeavor in May and June found a significant harmful algal bloom of Alexandrium fundyense in the vicinity of Georges Bank. Abundance of this algae, also known as New England Red Tide, was greater than 1000 cells per liter in some locations, greatly […]

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Worst New England Harmful Algal Bloom in 30 Years

In 2005, the most severe bloom since 1972 of the microscopic alga, Alexandrium fundyense, spread from Maine to Massachusetts, resulting in extensive commercial and recreational shellfish harvesting closures to protect humans from paralytic shellfish poisoning (PSP).  Alexandrium blooms are one of several algal bloom types often called red tides, but more correctly referred to as […]

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