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Device may help forecast outbreaks of red tide –

Bruce Keafer calls it a robot in a box. Roughly the size of a kitchen sink, it was lowered into the waters off Portsmouth, N.H., last week, where it will sample marine organisms to measure toxic red tide cells over the next 45 days. The device, he hopes, will be a tool for forecasting outbreaks […]

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Sensor Monitors Gulf of Maine Algae for Signs of Approaching Red Tides

During the week of April 26, researchers funded by the National Centers for Coastal Ocean Science deployed a sensor that detects cells of the species of algae responsible for toxic red tides in the Gulf of Maine. The device relays its data back to scientists on land to enable state agencies decide whether or not […]

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Researchers Report Potential for a Moderate New England Red Tide in 2012 | National Ocean Service

In April, scientists from the National Centers for Coastal Ocean Science-funded Prevention, Control, and Mitigation of Harmful Algal Blooms research project in the Gulf of Maine issued an outlook for moderate regional algal blooms in 2012. The species is a microscopic alga, Alexandrium fundyense, which blooms in New England waters every year. This alga can […]

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Researchers Report Potential for a “Moderate” New England “Red Tide” in 2012 : Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

New England is expected to experience a “moderate” regional “red tide” this spring and summer, report NOAA-funded scientists working in the Gulf of Maine to study the toxic algae that causes the bloom. The algae in the water pose no direct threat to human beings, however the toxins they produce can accumulate in filter-feeding organisms […]

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Alarming Seal Die-off Prompts Federal Response

Scientists are on the water off the New England coast this week gathering evidence to determine what caused an unusually large spike in Harbor seal deaths. The carcasses showed no signs of starvation, which kills many young Harbor seals this time of year once they’ve weaned. Theories abound in the media, but evidence suggests that the seals could […]

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2011 New England “Red Tide” Outlook and Management Response

In April 2011 scientists from the National Centers for Coastal Ocean Science-funded Gulf of Maine Toxicity (GOMTOX) project issued an outlook for a moderate regional bloom of the toxic alga, Alexandrium fundyense, that can cause ‘red tides’ in the spring and summer of this year, threatening the New England shellfish industry. However, there are signs […]

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