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NCCOS Projects at the Forefront of Numerical Estuarine Modeling

Scientists’ use of simulation models has increased during the past several decades as a widely accepted tool for investigations into estuarine dynamics. A recently published scientific review paper, authored by NCCOS-sponsored scientists, outlines the progress and accomplishments of coupled hydrodynamic-ecological estuarine modeling. Many NCCOS-sponsored foundational modeling studies are featured in the review paper. Findings show that while most […]

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Coastal Ocean Acidification: The Other Eutrophication Problem

Eutrophication, or increased nutrient loading to estuaries, causes algae to bloom and consequently coastal hypoxia (low oxygen waters) when the algal biomass decomposes. Often overlooked, eutrophication can also produce carbon dioxide, which leads to a lowering of seawater pH (or increasing acidity). A recent invited paper by scientists supported by NCCOS and the NOAA Ocean Acidification Program shows low […]

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Ocean Acidification: NCCOS-funded Research Reveals Legacy Effect of Early Larval CO2 Exposure on Bivalve Survival and Growth

While, the negative impacts of increasing ocean acidification on clams, scallops and other bivalves the biological basis is still unclear, “legacy effect” of early CO2 explosure can play a significant role in bivalve population dynamics. NCCOS-funded researchers performed a series of experiments to look at the days-to-months impacts of carbon dioxide (CO2) on the larvae of northern quahogs […]

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