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Science Informs Vote to Protect Mid-Atlantic Deep-Sea Corals

On June 10, NCCOS’s cross-NOAA partnerships and investment in carrying out spatial analyses of deep-sea coral ecosystems informed a near-unanimous vote by the Mid-Atlantic Fishery Management Council (MAFMC) to protect more than 38,000 square miles of seafloor, stretching from New York to Virginia, from bottom fishing activities. NCCOS played a lead role producing statistical models […]

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Surface Elevation Trends Help Us Prepare for Climate Change

Predicting future patterns of coastal inundation from sea level rise requires knowledge of changes in sea level and changes in elevation of land surface. Surface elevation tables—mechanical devices permanently installed in wetlands—allow scientists to measure small changes in surface elevation precisely and accurately. These devices have been installed in coastal wetlands across the U.S. by […]

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Project Finds Fish Prefer Natural Shorelines

The U.S. benefits from a wealth of resources and activities that depend on healthy coastal habitats. However, these habitats are being degraded by extensive hardening of shorelines due to climate-driven sea level rise, increasing shoreline development, land use changes in coastal watersheds, pollution, and invasions of non-native species.  In the Mid-Atlantic region alone, coastal development […]

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Hardened Shorelines Reduce Fish Egg Abundance in Delaware Inland Bays

Atlantic silversides (Menidia menidia) prefer to deposit their eggs on native salt marsh habitat but not invasive salt marsh species, beaches, or shorelines hardened by bulkheads or rip-rap, according to a recent paper by a researcher funded by the National Centers for Coastal Ocean Science. NCCOS-supported research found approximately 94% of M. menidia eggs collected […]

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Hardening of Shorelines in the Mid-Atlantic Focus of Meeting

Management agencies are struggling to balance the pressures of coastal development with the conservation and protection of the coastal environment. Representatives of several management groups convened on February 29 to review progress on a NCCOS project studying the ecosystem effects of shoreline hardening, and offer suggestions on linking research results to regional management and policy. This marked the second […]

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New Pollution Scoring System Helps Identify Top Targets for Clean-Up

New published research by scientists at the National Centers for Coastal Science demonstrates an improved approach for calculating and comparing bioeffects levels in different places. Using a single numerical score, rather than the traditional system based on 3 distinct data sets (benthic community structure, sediment contamination, and sediment toxicity, known as the sediment quality triad) […]

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