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Getting the Word Out: Sharing the Benefits of Shellfish Aquaculture

Different aspects of shellfish aquaculture science were recently shared on three separate occasions with regional groups that varied from industry partners to regional growers to high school students. These presentations are part of an effort to communicate best practices of shellfish aquaculture to the public and stakeholders so that these methods will be employed in […]

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NOAA and Partners Improve Aquaculture Siting Decision Tool for Long Island Sound

A NOAA-led, multidisciplinary team is refining a tool used by farmers and regulators to choose locations of shellfish aquaculture farms in Long Island Sound. The updated tool will merge Farm Aquaculture Resource Management (FARM) model results with The Connecticut Aquaculture Mapping Atlas to better support aquaculture farm siting decisions. Specifically, a color-coded geospatial layer will […]

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NCCOS Researchers to Assist Washington State in Marine Planning

NCCOS scientists traveled to Washington State May 13-17 to support marine planning along the outer Pacific coast. NCCOS is helping inventory and assess key seafloor, groundfish, seabird and marine mammal datasets essential to effective marine planning. They are developing a data viewer that will help the state, other coastal managers, and researchers visualize seafloor datasets, […]

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Zooplankton Show Ability to Adapt to Stress of Starvation and Climate Change

NCCOS sponsored research on zooplankton response to Harmful Algal Blooms has also yielded information on how zooplankton respond to climate change and environmental stress. Zooplankton play a central role in food webs from phytoplankton to fish and are also important in the biogeochemical cycles of lakes and oceans. Two recent studies from Dr. Hans Dam […]

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Congressional Offices Interested in Long Island Sound Seafloor Mapping

Staff from the Connecticut Congressional delegation requested a visit from NOAA researchers from the National Centers for Coastal Ocean Science (NCCOS) to discuss recent seafloor mapping efforts and how they can be used in marine spatial planning, as well as general resource management, in Long Island Sound. They provided the delegation with details about NCCOS’s […]

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NOAA Assists Connecticut and New York with Critical Sea-floor Mapping

The States of Connecticut and New York invited two NOAA program offices to discuss sea-floor mapping of Long Island Sound on January 11-12, 2011. Long Island Sound is a critical waterway for trade and commerce, including vessels carrying large amounts of oil and other petroleum products. NOAA’s Office of Coast Survey (OCS) and National Centers […]

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