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Disney’s Nemo Helps Kids in Hawaii Learn About Coral Reefs

Alexander Gould, the voice behind “Nemo” in the animated Disney film, “Finding Nemo,” talks about how kids can help the environment, focusing on coral reefs, in a script developed for viewing on airlines, in cruise ships, and in hotels at coral reef destinations around the world.

The video highlights the beauty and productivity of healthy coral reefs as “rainforests of the sea,” yet also describes the threats that reefs in Hawaii are facing such as alien algae, pollution, and over-fishing. The key message in the video is how kids can help protect reefs by some simple actions such as not touching corals and properly disposing of trash such as plastic soda containers. In Hawaii, the production will be shown at all of the state’s schools and other locations as part of the Year of Hawaii’s Living Reef campaign.

This effort is a partnership between CSCOR’s Hawaii Coral Reef Initiative Research Program, ReefCheck International, the State’s Division of Aquatic Resources, the State’s Coastal Zone Management Program, and Hagen Pet Products. For more information on this and similar HCRI

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