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NCCOS Publication Makes Top 25 List

A paper written by a scientist from NCCOS, titled “Management of Productivity, Environmental Effects and Profitability of Shellfish Aquaculture – the Farm Aquaculture Resource Management (FARM) model,” published in the journal Aquaculture in April 2007, was ranked by ScienceDirect as number 5 of the top 25 Hottest Articles from April to June 2007.

The published work describes the combination of a shellfish growing model, hydrodynamic model, and the Assessment of Estuarine Trophic Status (ASSETS) eutrophication model to determine the impact of shellfish aquaculture on nutrient-related water quality. This combination of models is used to determine the optimum shellfish density for sustainable harvest while also valuable for determining the potential nutrient trading or water clarification capability of aquaculture farms. The method can also be effective in estimating the economic benefit of the farm (including harvest and the equivalent cost of water treatment).

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