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Assessing Contamination in Faga’alu Bay, American Samoa

NCCOS, in collaboration with NOAA Coral Program partners, released a report assessing the pollution in Faga’alu Bay, American Samoa (a US Coral Reef Task Force priority watershed). Faga’alu is a focus area for significant interagency scientific assessment and management activities; NOAA’s field efforts were conducted simultaneously with USGS work in the watershed.  Surface sediment samples were […]

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Shellfish Aquaculture Highlighted on Reddit Science “Ask Us Anything” on October 19

October is National Seafood Month! Celebrate by tuning in Monday October 19 from 1-3 pm EST for a Reddit “Ask Us Anything” with NOAA scientists as they explore “The Hidden Powers of Shellfish Aquaculture.” If you’re a seafood lover and enjoy eating oysters, clams, and mussels, you may be interested to know they provide a lot […]

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NCCOS Helps Prioritize Future Mapping Efforts in Southern California Bight

Staff from NCCOS and the Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary have developed an inventory of existing spatial data sets depicting seafloor and habitats off the Southern California Bight to set priorities for future mapping efforts in the region. Last month, the team presented the information at a meeting of state, federal, and academic experts working toward consensus about where […]

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NCCOS, Partners Evaluate Using Oysters to Improve Water Quality in Oyster Bay, Fla.

Earlier this month, NCCOS and partners kicked off an oyster aquaculture project in Oyster Bay, Fla., that will evaluate the impact of an oyster aquaculture lease area on bay water quality. As filter feeders, oysters remove microscopic plant cells and other organic particles from the water column and have the potential to improve water quality […]

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Assessing the Health and Quality of Arctic Estuaries

NCCOS led a month-long sampling cruise in estuaries in the Arctic Ocean aboard the NOAA RV Ron Brown in August.  Sediment, biota and water samples were collected for chemical contaminant analyses, biological community health assessment, and stable isotope analyses and water quality parameters.  This project was a continuation of offshore analyses begun in 2010.  The target […]

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NCCOS Data and Expertise Inform Washington’s Marine Spatial Plan

NOAA’s National Centers for Coastal Ocean Science have developed species distribution maps and a seafloor mapping inventory to help guide marine spatial planning in the state of Washington. Marine spatial planning is a process that brings together multiple users of the ocean—including energy, industry, government, conservation, and recreation—to make informed and coordinated decisions about marine […]

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