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Restoring Habitat via community leadership and support

Posted on: 01/10/2018
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Summary / Description

The interns will be placed with a small community-led non-profit named Malama Maunalua (MM). MM is working to restore the health of the Bay by engaging scientists, managers, and the public. While the internship itself will largely be tailored to fit the intern’s unique skills, there are two, critical support efforts that the internship will likely revolve around: One is to further the Habitat Restoration Team’s work to remove invasive alien algae (IAA) and transplant native algae and seagrass at the restoration site, referred to as Paiko Beach. Two, is to help coordinate efforts in reaching out to partners in Maunalua Bay, Hawaii to partner with Malama Maunalua in restoring the Bay’s habitat and to support education and outreach efforts. The interns will help: (1) lead community work days, train volunteers on marine ecology of the Bay and techniques to remove IAA, (2) build the seagrass transplant initiative, relocating native seagrass from healthy beds to areas recently cleared of IAA by community huki events, and (3) work with Adopt a Plot volunteers (individual teams and schools) to expand the project to remove IAA at-scale. In addition, the interns will help with community outreach and knowledge sharing, including helping to lead social media campaigns and mapping various efforts and needs in the community. If the intern has a special skill set, MM will develop a project to best utilize his/her knowledge. The intern can be willing to do one or both of the projects described above.

Skills Required

Because of the varied nature of the internships, the interns can have a variety of skills and be of use, including GIS, communications, social media acumen, and a basic scientific understanding


Oahu, Hawaii

Other Information

Intern Supervisor:
Doug Harper
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