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Ocean Acidification Effects on the Eastern Oyster, Surf Clams, and Sea Scallops

Posted on: 12/14/2018

Summary / Description

This project evaluates effects of ocean acidification on three bivalve species of economic importance the eastern oyster, surf clams, and sea scallops. Through laboratory experiments and models, we will assess the energetic costs of ocean acidification on these species. Specifically, we propose to answer the following questions for eastern oysters, surfclams, and sea scallops: (1) Do rates of particle clearance, ingestion, and absorption change with ocean acidification? (2) Is there variability in ammonia excretion or oxygen consumption when shellfish are exposed to ocean acidification? and (3) Will the effects of increased carbon dioxide in marine waters result in scope for growth (SFG) changes? This state of the art research will provide insight into how these species will respond to ocean acidification. By assessing the physiological, energetic costs associated with ocean acidification we will provide insight into the future performance of these commercially and economically-important bivalve species under ocean acidification.
As part of our research team, your duties and responsibilities will include:
1) Participate in biodeposition and respiration experiments with eastern oysters, surf clams, and sea scallops.
2.) Analyze samples for total suspended material (TSM), DIC (Dissolved inorganic carbon), pH (spectrometrically)
3.) Collect, record, and maintain data on spreed sheets from experiment of DIC, pH, temperature, date, filter number, live/dead bivalves, and other data as needed for the experiment. .
4) Analyze data, prepare presentation material, and present a 10-15 minute summary of project to staff.
5) Support role in ongoing laboratory experiments and analyses. working with other volunteers, students, research associates, and NOAA scientists.

Skills Required

Skills Required
The following skills will be beneficial in the position:
1) Majoring in chemistry, biological, marine, or environmental fields with classes that had a lab requirement.
2) Prior research experience in any scientific discipline.
3) Willingness to work in the laboratory with some irregularity in work schedule (e.g., early morning, late evening).
4) Strong work ethic, detail oriented, organized, completes assignments in a timely manner, works well individually and as a member of a team, communicates clearly.
5) Computer literacy – MS Office applications especially excel.


Milford, CT

Other Information

Intern Supervisor:
Shannon L. Meseck
Number of Slots Available:
Is free housing available:
Can international students be placed:


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