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Internship Opportunity

Little Port Walter Chinook Salmon Research

Posted on: 12/14/2018

Summary / Description

The intern will assist researchers conducting studies on the marine environment and salmon returns to marine waters near Little Port Walter (LPW), a remote research station located in southeastern Alaska. The work will include capturing adult Chinook salmon returning to LPW using a variety of methods including a fish trap, weir, gillnets, and seines; taking biological samples, recovering coded-wire tags, accurately recording scientific data, and processing Chinook salmon for brood stock for the research hatchery at the station; feeding and caring for juvenile Chinook salmon being reared at the station, sampling the fish, and recording biological information; sampling and recording the outmigration of juvenile salmonids in Sashin creek; and collecting environmental data on the marine environment.

Skills Required

The work will be conducted at a remote research station located in southeastern Alaska. Access to the station is limited to floatplane and boat. The intern must be able to work effectively (both independently and as part of a research team) in a remote setting and under frequently challenging conditions, including wind, cold temperatures, and heavy precipitation. Brown bears are often present within the area. Experience working and living under isolated field conditions is desirable.


Little Port Walter, Alaska.

Other Information

Intern Supervisor:
John Eiler
Number of Slots Available:
Is free housing available:
Can international students be placed:


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