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Identifying and Summarizing Research: Marine Mammal Life History Traits

Posted on: 01/10/2018
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Summary / Description

Background: NOAA Fisheries is conducting vulnerability assessments to identify which marine protected species are vulnerable to climate change and what makes them vulnerable. These vulnerability assessments use existing life history information and expert judgement to assess exposure, sensitivity, and capacity to adapt to changing conditions. The objective of this project is to describe the current state of knowledge about marine mammal species’ life history traits related to climate change vulnerability by exploring and summarizing published literature. The information compiled in this project will be used as input to the Marine Mammal Climate Vulnerability Assessment for Pacific and Arctic stocks. Duties: The intern will use library and online resources (e.g., Web of Science, ScienceDirect, Google Scholar) to search literature for research related to marine mammal life history attributes and climate change. The intern will identify the relevant studies relating to specific life history attributes and populate a spreadsheet with life history attribute values reported in the literature. The student may also draft narratives or fact sheets of one or more marine mammal species based on the information compiled in the spreadsheet (2-3 pages per species). Outcomes: The intern participating in this project can expect to obtain a deep understanding of the life history and research community associated with particular marine protected species. The intern will communicate with researchers and hone literature review skills. The intern will gain experience in populating a database, identifying trends, and communicating results.

Skills Required

Ability to work with Microsoft Excel or other spreadsheet software Ability to work with Microsoft Word or other word processing software Familiarity with online library search tools and/or Google Scholar


Silver Spring, MD

Other Information

Intern Supervisor:
Matthew Lettrich or Mridula Srinivasan
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