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Evaluating the Benefits of Armor Removal for Subtidal Fishes in Puget Sound, WA

Posted on: 12/14/2018

Summary / Description

Seawalls, riprap, piers, and other hard structures have transformed coastlines across the globe. In an effort to mitigate the documented negative impacts of such shoreline armoring, resources have been increasingly dedicated to restoration projects. In Washington State, management agencies have prioritized efforts to restore existing armored shorelines to their ‘natural’ unarmored state. The proximate effect of these restoration activities is beaches free of anthropogenic modifications. While both the proximate and broader impacts of restoration have been documented in beach and intertidal marine ecosystems, the closely linked nearshore subtidal ecosystem has received comparatively less attention. We hope to involve a student to help us address these knowledge gaps and evaluate the effectiveness of shoreline restoration projects for fish communities that may not be directly dependent on beach habitat, with a focus on juvenile salmon and an important forage fish, Pacific herring. The student will assist with data collection, including snorkel and net surveys at our six field sites across Puget Sound, and process sediment samples in the lab. The specifics of the internship will depend on the interests of the student.

Skills Required

Willingness to work outdoors and in a lab setting. A majority of this position will involve field work (surveying fish by snorkeling and netting) across the Puget Sound region, thus snorkeling and small-boat experience are strongly preferred. General laboratory skills are helpful, as is knowledge of marine fish taxonomy. Ability to work as part of a research team. Familiarity with Microsoft Office. Desire to change the world a plus. The project is better suited for an undergraduate.


Seattle, WA

Other Information

Intern Supervisor:
Dr. Jameal Samhouri
Number of Slots Available:
Is free housing available:
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