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Development and Test of NOAA's Next Generation Current and Wave Measurement Systems

Posted on: 01/31/2019
Research Area(s): Internships / Research

Summary / Description

Support the development, test, and evaluation of NOAA’s next generation of long term ocean current and wave measurement systems. Participate in hands-on field testing of new current and wave sensors. Analyze field test data collected at NOAA coastal observatory stations, including currents, water level, and waves time series along with additional meteorological observations to characterize test site environments. Summarize results to quantify sensor accuracy, impact of environmental variability on system performance, and assess suitability for using new measurement technology across NOAA’s long-term, coastal observatory network.

This position will provide an individual hands-on, lab and field experience with the marine instrumentation commonly used throughout NOAA’s long term ocean observing network, experience with Matlab data processing and analysis tools, enhanced understating of coastal physical oceanographic processes, exposure to oceanographic time series analysis methods, documentation/technical writing practice, and the opportunity to prepare and provide an oral presentation summarizing oceanographic measurement system test results.

The completion of internship tasks will provide valuable, mission critical support to CO-OPS ongoing efforts to ensure that the most accurate and up to date oceanographic observations are provided to a large and diverse group of end users.

Skills Required

This internship position requires previous college course work in one of the following fields: Engineering, Physics, Mathematics, Oceanography, or a related Earth Science, College course work that includes completion of some advanced mathematics courses such as calculus, differential equations, and/or linear algebra, is a bonus. Previous experience with data processing/analysis software, such as MATLAB and/or Python, is a must. A basic understanding of physical oceanography and meteorology and related electronic measurement systems is a bonus.


Chesapeake, VA

Other Information

Intern Supervisor:
Robert Heitsenrether
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