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Water depth and acoustic backscatter data collected from Nancy Foster in St. Croix, USVI, from 2014-03-12 to 2014-05-02 (NCEI Accession 0128255)

The Center for Coastal Monitoring and Assessment (CCMA) conducted the eleventh year of an ongoing scientific research mission onboard NOAA Ship Nancy Foster funded by NOAA?s Coral Reef Conservation Program. The purpose of the cruise was to collect swath bathymetry, ...

Water depth and acoustic backscatter data collected from NOAA Ship Nancy Foster in the US Caribbean/ Puerto Rico and St. Thomas from 2016-04-07 to 2016-04-26 (NCEI Accession 0157612)

NOAA's NOS/NCCOS/CCMA Biogeography Team, in collaboration with NOAA Ship Nancy Foster, federal, academic, and private sector partners conducted the 2016 Seafloor Mapping of the US Caribbean project. Several areas of interest were explored and surveyd during the field mission in ...

Water depth and reflectance collected from LADS Mk II Airborne System in Caribbean Sea and Puerto Rico from 2006-04-07 to 2006-05-15 (NCEI Accession 0153360)

These images represent LiDAR (Light Detection & Ranging) data collected by NOAA from the shoreline of southwestern Puerto Rico to about 50 meters in depth. Reflectivity was calculated for each sounding as the ratio of returned energy to transmitted energy, ...

Water depth, acoustic backscatter, and other data collected from Nancy Foster and Fugro LADS Mark II Airborne System in Caribbean Sea and US Virgin Islands - Shoals from 2011-03-29 to 2011-04-16 (NCEI Accession 0131858)

The Center for Coastal Monitoring and Assessment (CCMA) completed its eighth year of an ongoing scientific research mission on board NOAA Ship Nancy Foster from March 29 to April 16, 2011. The objective of this project was to collect a ...

Watersheds and coral reefs: conservation science, policy and implementation

Coral reefs worldwide are being degraded by human-induced disturbances, resulting in ecological, economic, and cultural losses. Runoff and sedimentation are among the greatest threats to the coastal reefs surrounding high islands and adjacent to continental landmasses. Existing scientific data identify ...

Working with video to improve deep-sea habitat characterization

Videos collected from ROVs empower people to explore the ocean from any location. Beyond the immediate value of revealing the mysteries of the deep ocean, video footage provides a rich data source that contributes to our fundamental understanding of the ...

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