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Why Nutrient-Enriched Waters Favor Large Single-Cell Algae

Ecological studies show that bottom-up (e.g., nutrient input) and top-down (e.g., grazing/predation) pressures may change the structure of aquatic ecosystems with “cascading” effects throughout the food chain. Recent research supports that zooplankton grazing in high-nutrient waters promotes the growth of larger phytoplankton over smaller species, creating a higher abundance of these larger single celled algae within the food web. Using samples […]

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New FY 2016 Research Funding Opportunity Available for National Hypoxia Programs

NCCOS has created a funding opportunity for Fiscal Year 2016 for two, national competitive hypoxia programs: the Northern Gulf of Mexico Ecosystems and Hypoxia Assessment Program (NGOMEX), and the Coastal Hypoxia Research Program (CHRP). Applications for the funding may be submitted via the website through January 22, 2016 for the NGOMEX program and through February 5, […]

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Assessing Contamination in Faga’alu Bay, American Samoa

NCCOS, in collaboration with NOAA Coral Program partners, released a report assessing the pollution in Faga’alu Bay, American Samoa (a US Coral Reef Task Force priority watershed). Faga’alu is a focus area for significant interagency scientific assessment and management activities; NOAA’s field efforts were conducted simultaneously with USGS work in the watershed.  Surface sediment samples were […]

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NOAA and Louisiana Collaborate on Mississippi River Diversion Management

The 5th Annual NOAA/Northern Gulf Institute Gulf Hypoxia Research Coordination Workshop brought together Louisiana state officials, federal and other state agencies, NGOs, and academic scientists with interests in identifying a path forward to restore Louisiana’s coastal wetlands, reduce the size of the annual Gulf of Mexico hypoxic zone, and sustain the ecological and socioeconomic benefits of […]

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NCCOS Sponsors 20 New Research Projects

NCCOS awarded nearly $4.5 million in new research grants while maintaining sponsorship of 42 continuing projects during 2015 for a total of $8.2 million in funding for innovative research. All of the endeavors address significant and complex coastal issues. The projects were selected using a rigorous, competitive, and peer-review process. The cutting-edge research will provide critical […]

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Metals in Dwarf Sperm Whales Provide Information on Ocean Health

A recent study found the presence of heavy metals in the kidney and liver tissues of dwarf sperm whales (Kogia sima) stranded along South Carolina’s coast. As long-lived high trophic level predators, dwarf sperm whales are exposed to environmental contaminants from anthropogenic sources and may serve as an indicator of offshore marine pollution. Between 1990 […]

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