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Invasive Sea Squirts Threaten Shellfish Aquaculture

National Centers for Coastal Ocean Science researchers and their collaborators found that ten invasive tunicate species are fouling shellfish aquaculture operations along much of the U.S. East Coast, causing decreased growth rates, increased mortality, and high maintenance costs.  The survey identified the locations of highest fouling, which will be used to develop a plan to […]

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Lionfish Discovered along the South Atlantic Coast: A Curiosity … or a Wake up Call?

Local divers off the coast of North Carolina were not expecting to see what they found on that August day in 2002: exotic and beautiful lionfish, common to the warm waters of the western Pacific but non-native and unknown off the Carolina coast. A year later, scientists from NOAA’s National Centers for Coastal Ocean Science […]

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South Carolina Phytoplankton Monitoring Network: A Working Example of Coastal Stewardship

Phytoplankton, the tiny, floating plants that live in both freshwater and marine environments, can multiply into dense concentrations or blooms. A number of these species produce toxins that cause a variety of human diseases through inhaling toxins that might be in aerosol form along beaches or in consuming bivalve shellfish or some fish species which […]

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