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NOAA awards grant to develop a biofilter to remove algal toxins from the Great Lakes

This article was first published by NOAA. NOAA has awarded a team of scientists $182,982 for the first year of an anticipated four-year $703,777 project for research that could lead to an instrument, called a biofilter, that could break down harmful algal toxins in the Great Lakes into harmless byproducts. This project will build on previous research […]

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New Pollution Scoring System Helps Identify Top Targets for Clean-Up

New published research by scientists at the National Centers for Coastal Science demonstrates an improved approach for calculating and comparing bioeffects levels in different places. Using a single numerical score, rather than the traditional system based on 3 distinct data sets (benthic community structure, sediment contamination, and sediment toxicity, known as the sediment quality triad) […]

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Do Specific Types of Phosphorus Trigger Toxic Cyanobacterial Blooms in the Great Lakes?

New research aims to unravel how phosphorus pollution drives toxic blooms of cyanobacteria in the Great Lakes. The National Centers for Coastal Ocean Science has awarded New York-based Stony Brook University the first year of an anticipated three-year, nearly $500,000 project to determine how different kinds of phosphorous trigger toxic blooms. The project will focus […]

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