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Tests Help Fisheries Service Reopen Georges Bank for Shellfish Harvesting

NOAA Fisheries now allows clam harvests in an area of Georges Bank off limits for the last 22 years to protect people from getting ill from algae toxins. Their decision centers on a two-part testing protocol that commercial fishermen and labs will use before bringing a catch to market. Once the haul arrives at the dock, […]

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Marine, NOAA Officials Warn Local Officials on Threat of Dead Seals

It’s been almost a year since 150 young harbor seals died unexpectedly and washed up beaches in New Hampshire, southern Maine and northern Massachusetts. The New England Aquarium has taken this sad anniversary as an opportunity to share information with Seacoast communities about the cause of the deaths, ongoing monitoring efforts and to notify towns […]

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NOAA Funds Response to Toxic Algae Bloom in Gulf of Maine

As a first-ever precautionary response to an unprecedented bloom of the toxic alga Pseudo-nitzschia in its waters, Maine officials have temporarily banned shellfish harvesting along part of the coast.  A survey cruise and a volunteer monitoring network, both funded by the National Centers for Coastal Ocean Science, identified the bloom species and mapped where and how big […]

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Algal Bloom Species with Two Deadly Toxins Could Disrupt Marine Food Web | UConn Today

When tiny aquatic organisms reproduce in large amounts, algal blooms occur that take over portions of open water up to hundreds of miles in area. And when these oceanic plankton happen to be the toxic kind, they can be deadly to other living things crossing their path. One of the most poisonous and abundant of […]

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Researchers discover that red tide species is deadlier than first thought –

A University of Connecticut researcher and his team have discovered that a species of tiny aquatic organism prominent in harmful algal blooms sometimes called “red tide” is even deadlier than first thought, with potential consequences for entire marine food chains. Professor Hans Dam and his research group in the school’s Department of Marine Sciences have […]

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New England Red Tide’s Defenses Influence Bloom Duration

In a new paper, researchers funded by the National Centers for Coastal Ocean Science discovered that the New England red tide species called Alexandrium releases a variety of compounds to kill its predators and lengthen bloom duration. In this case, the substance they use for defense is not the potent neurotoxin that accumulates in shellfish […]

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